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The Science of Happiness







Dr. Ronald Siegel, assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School and editor of Harvard Health Publication's special health report, Positive Psychology, discusses what it takes to be happy.

Well Being before Learning

Keynote address

Dr. Martin Seligman discusses how to increase well being in our selves and in our children in keynote address to the Wellbeing Before Learning; Flourishing students, successful schools conference in Adelaide on Feb 27th 2012.

Three Good Things

A video clip

Dr. Martin Seligman explains the Three Good Things Exercise and how it promotes happiness.

The Science of Character

A video clip

A video that explains how we exercise our character strengths enhances our well being.


by Martin Seligman

The Optimistic Child

by Martin Seligman

Character Strengths

Re-discover your strengths.


by Carol S. Dweck

The Resilient Child

by Joanne Joseph

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