Clinical Supervision Services

Rose Marie Ahrens provides clinical supervision services to:

  • Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC)/ Play Therapy International (PTI) students/trainees of play and creative arts therapy.

  • Qualified and certified therapeutic play practitioners and play and creative arts therapists.

She sees supervisees either face to face (if residing locally) or via Skype. The provision ​abides by the APAC and PTI clinical supervision protocols and ethical framework.

Clinical Supervision for other helping professionals

Rose Marie Ahrens also provides clinical supervision to 

  • Qualified and certified therapists who practice in different modalities, e.g., behaviour therapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists.

  • Other qualified and certified helping professionals, such as teachers, Special Education Needs Co-ordinators, teaching assistants, school counsellors. 

She meets her supervisees face to face (if residing locally) or via Skype. The provision abides by the PTI ethical framework and that of the supervisee's relevant professional ethical framework.