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Therapeutic Stories

These therapeutic stories were written by the play therapist for her clients. The stories were used to help her clients with their feelings and to address certain topics in their lives. Please feel free to download and share the stories with your children. Please do not distribute these stories for commercial purposes.

Born to be Brave

A story about courage: how a little fish bravely swims to the ocean.

Lily the Hedgehog

A story about friendship and emotional regulation.

Ananya the Alligator

A story about courage to be free to be oneself.

The Dragon

A story about acceptance of a situation or difficulty in one's life.

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The Falcon

A story about co-operation, acknowledging and containing strong emotion.

Do not Stop

A story about friendship and perserverance.

Saying Goodbye

Ways to remember and say goodbye to a loved one who has passed away.

Aziz the Fish

A story about self-acceptance.

Bene Forgives

A story about forgiveness.

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The Falcon II

This is a sequel to The Falcon. A story about courage to face strong emotion.

Kindness is....

The different ways in which we express kindness to another.

When I worry..

Some suggestions to ease anxiety.

The Blue Feather

A story about looking for something that was always there.

I wonder...

An Adoption Ode:

Child to birth parent.

Adoptive Parent to child.

Some more Therapeutic Stories

by other story tellers.

Dino the Dragon

and his Flaming Fire Box

A chapter book written by a ten year old boy to help other children think about their feelings.

Bedtime Stories

A website offering many stories told in multimedia.

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